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 Longview Decks started in the summer of 2010 with our popular $385 4x4 deck and steps. We knew that there is alot of people out there that needed a safe and secure way to get into their homes and shops, so we accommodated. In the past 11 years we have serviced over 600+ customers with products as small as our 4x4 landing and as large as 2000 sqft custom composite deck. I personally have had a hard time turning down any job regardless of size.


Longview Decks was built on a "customer first" basis and is another big reason we have grown so fast and will continue to grow for years to come. In this business it is very hard to find a contractor/builder who has the customer service qualities to go with the quality building. There is more then 30 years of customer service experience combined on staff and over 50+ years of general and commercial construction experience. We cover all facets of each project with you and make you feel as comfortable and involved as possible thru the whole process. Your complete satisfaction is our goal!


Thru several attempts at perfection we have come up with multiple ways that we customize even the very basic of jobs. Our standards surpass any and all deck builders and are FHA approved. Our rails have been specially designed to help prevent, and in some cases completely avoid, the normal bowing and cracking the sun and heat puts on it. We DO NOT charge extra for our frame support system, our rail system, and our decking and roofing standards.  My competitors will!  Our #1 focus is you. Not just your project but your pocket book as well. 

Call us or email us today for a free estimate!

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