La Crosse 308-1416-TBP Forecast Station
  • La Crosse 308-1416-TBP Forecast Station



    La Crosse Forecast Station, 10 to 99 %, 300 ft, Atomic Clock/Calendar: Yes, Battery, Display Power Supply: 2AA Alkaline Battery, 6.4 in x 6.89 in Dimensions

    • Product Details

      Atomic Clock/ Calendar:Yes
      Dimensions:6.4 in x 6.89 in
      Display Power Supply:2AA Alkaline Battery
      Humidity Range:10 to 99 %
      Power Source:Battery
      Wireless Range:300 ft

    • Features

      • Atomic time or date with manual settings
      • Indoor temperature or humidity
      • Independent alerts for indoor temperature and humidity
      • Daily Hi, Lo-temp or humidity (midnight to midnight) indoor
      • Low battery icon for station
      • Relative barometric pressure in numbers 23.62 to 32.48 In Hg
      • Inches of mercury or hecto pascal selectable
      • 24 hr pressure history graph
      • Moon phase, backlight has three levels when connected to AC power
      • When only battery operated, back light is turned on (100%) only when button is pressed and auto time out is 10s