La Crosse 308-1417 Weather Station

La Crosse 308-1417 Weather Station



La Crosse Weather Station, Data Reporting: Humidity, Temperature, 32 to 99 deg F, 10 to 99 %, 300 ft, LCD Display, 6.88 in L x 1.25 in W x 6.42 in H Display, Atomic Clock/Calendar: Atomic Clock, Calendar, Battery, Sensor Size: 1.58 in L x 0.83 in W x 5.08 in H

  • Product Details

    Atomic Clock/ Calendar:Atomic Clock Calendar
    Data Reporting:Humidity Temperature
    Display Size:6.88 in L x 1.25 in W x 6.42 in H
    Display Type:LCD
    Humidity Range:10 to 99 %
    Power Source:Battery
    Sensor Size:1.58 in L x 0.83 in W x 5.08 in H
    Temperature Rating:32 to 99 deg F
    Wireless Range:300 ft

  • Features

    • English, French, Spanish languages
    • Atomic time and Date with manual settings
    • Indoor temperature, humidity
    • Independent alerts for indoor temperature and humidity
    • Low battery icon for station
    • Relative barometric pressure in numbers
    • 24 hr pressure history graph
    • Independent alerts for outdoor temperature and humidity
    • Wireless outdoor temperature, Humidity
    • Weather forecast like sunny, partly sunny, clouds, rain, T-storm and snow