LotusGrill UPG-CB-5 Beech Charcoal, 5 lb Bag

LotusGrill UPG-CB-5 Beech Charcoal, 5 lb Bag



LotusGrill Charcoal is made with 100% natural beechwood. Beechwood is used due to its very low moisture content which helps to eliminate smoke. It also has a very high BTU value which results in a very hot fire that will stay that way for a longer period of grill time. Our charcoal is put through a screening process to remove both the dust and smaller pieces as well as pushing the larger pieces on for further processing into our optimal very consistent size. It is cut into smaller pieces to fit into the LotusGrill charcoal containers while also creating more surface area for more rapid fire acceleration. Our controlled production process will help to create a more consistent grilling experience time after time. Standard charcoal can be cut in very large pieces which can be too big for the LotusGrill charcoal canister as well as take longer to get up to grilling temperature. Standard charcoal also includes a lot of dust and dirt in the bag. The LotusGrill uses a fraction of the charcoal that a standard barbecue uses(about 20% of a regular charcoal grill). A 2.2 lb bag of charcoal is enough for 6 grilling sessions on our trailbreaker GT model. We feel so strongly that the LotusGrill charcoal will enhance your grilling experience that we include a bag with every grill purchase.

  • Product Details

    Container Type:Bag
    Net Content:5 lb
    Package Size:5 lb
    Package Type:Bag

  • Features

    • Low moisture eliminates smoke
    • High BTU - burns hot and for longer than standard charcoal
    • 100% natural - no unhealthy additives or chemicals
    • Screened for optimal size especially for the LotusGrill