STEP2 864804 Visual Warning Signal

STEP2 864804 Visual Warning Signal



Neon color with reflectors and a warning flag, this visual signal that kids are nearby alerts drivers to slow down and use caution while driving through your neighborhood. Whether at home, camping or near playgrounds - set up safety sign to remind drivers to use extra caution in the area. Made in USA of US and imported parts from China.

  • Product Details

    Color:Fluorescent Green
    Dimensions:37 in W x 18-1/4 in D x 48 in H
    Suitable for:Driveway or Yard

  • Features

    • 32 in visual warning signal alerts oncoming motorists when children are at play for optimal effectiveness
    • Florescent green body with reflector decal and red warning flag is visible even during twilight hours
    • Place at end of driveway or yard to alert motorists to proceed with caution
    • Large "SLOW" sticker reminds driver to reduce their speed
    • Convenient carry handle and lightweight design
    • Broad base holds sand to help prevent tipping