Taylor 2755 Rain Gauge

Taylor 2755 Rain Gauge



Monitors rain/sprinkler levels and temperature from inside the house. Track hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rainfall levels. Memory function to recall min/max rainfall and temperature records. Displays indoor and outdoor temperatures. Displays time and calendar. Wireless rain collection cup. Programmable temperature alert.

  • Product Details

    Battery Type:AA
    Dimensions:4-1/2 in H

  • Features

    • Measures and displays hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rainfall up to 99.98 in
    • Self-emptying rain cup has a remote sensor that collects rain and transmits a signal back to the base unit reporting the rainfall amount
    • Outdoor temperature range -4 to 140 deg F
    • Minimum and maximum temperature memory recall
    • Minimum and maximum rainfall memory recall with automatic or manual daily reset
    • Temperature trend arrows indicate rising, falling or steady temperature readings
    • Rain history bar chart display
    • Auto scroll option automatically toggles between indoor and outdoor temperatures
    • Programmable temperature alert audibly indicates if current temperature readings have reached a chosen upper or lower limit
    • 12/24 hrs clock and calendar