Weber 7425 Gourmet BBQ System, Iron Pan

Weber 7425 Gourmet BBQ System, Iron Pan



Grill up a light and quick Asian cuisine or even a savory paella, with the added taste only delivered from a backyard grill. Experiment with new spices and zesty sauces or create anything from an authentic Japanese soup to a smoky beef chili straight from the grill with your gourmet BBQ system work.

  • Product Details

    Inside Depth:4 in
    Length:16.7 in
    Pan Material:Iron
    Width:13.4 in

  • Features

    • Porcelain-enamel cast iron wok is perfect for searing and stir-frying
    • Ergonomically designed handles enable easy transport to and from the grill
    • Traditional wok design enhances grilling performance