Weber 7432 Cooking Grate

Weber 7432 Cooking Grate



For charcoal grills. Heavy, bright, nickel plated steel. 18-1/2 and 22-1/2 in sizes come with curved handgrips to hang from kettle handles. 14-1/2 in for Smokey Joe or Tuck-N-Carry, 18-1/2 in for One-Touch, Bar-B-Kettle or Smokey Mountain Cooker, 22-1/2 in for One-Touch, Bar-B-Kettle or Master-Touch.

  • Product Details

    Length:19.5 in
    Suitable for:18 in Weber Charcoal Grills
    Width:11.0 in

  • Features

    Pre-heat on high for 15 min and brush clean with a grill brush