Weber 7536 Flavorizer Bar, Steel

Weber 7536 Flavorizer Bar, Steel



Bars coated with a specially formulated porcelain enamel. Angled to cause cooking juices to smoke and sizzle, adding flavor to food and reducing flare-ups. For Spirit 700, 900 and Genesis Silver B and C.

  • Product Details

    Dimensions:2.3 in W x 22.5 in D x 2.3 in H
    Finish:Porcelain Enamel-Coated
    Suitable for:Genesis Gold B/C (2002 and Newer Models) Genesis Platinum B/C (2005 Model Year) Genesis Silver B/C Spirit 300 Series (With Side-mounted Control Panel) Spirit 700 and Weber 900 Gas Grills

  • Features

    Catch drippings that smoke and sizzle, adding a smoky flavor to food